What type of transportation is available to get to and from a book yoga retreat in bali?

Discover one of the most affordable 26% transformative yoga retreats in Bali. The packages include 5-star accommodation, yoga classes, workshops, meals %26 events. The staff was also amazing and it felt like family. It was a great way to be more immersed in culture and community.

I was traveling alone. Life at Bali Green is so authentic thanks to the owners and the people who work there. You almost feel like you're becoming part of the family for a few days. Incredible food with authentic Balinese recipes that are tasted on a patio overlooking a lush garden with chickens and calves grazing around, fresh juice twice a day, drinking water, coffee and tea available 24 hours a day, a couple of spa treatments that are enjoyed in an outdoor room in the garden, the masseur is very skilled and the jasmine-scented oil will leave you relaxed and sleepy, ready for a good night in a beautiful air-conditioned room.

The outdoor yoga studio is 3 minutes away by car or motorbike (they take you there) or you can walk, 10 minutes on foot between the rice fields and the sweet town, where all the villagers you meet will greet you, absolutely incredible. You practice traditional Watukaru (or simply called Balinese) yoga with views of the rice field with experienced teachers who will help you progress no matter where in your yoga practice you are. Balinese yoga is easy to choose and truly inspiring. Back at Bali Green, you will be able to witness the way in which the Balinese live, their offering rituals, making offerings, etc.

Transportation from the airport included and back (or to your next destination, such as Ubud). And when you book the retreat, communication is very effective through emails. I would recommend Bali Green if you're looking for an authentic experience in the heart of Bali's beautiful rice paddies. The retreat is far from tourist traps and is part of a small Balinese town.

The accommodation is clean and comfortable, and the garden is lush and relaxing. I can't blame the staff for the retreat or the yoga class. They happily showed me the area and have different activities on site to try. The hosts and staff were the most hospitable, genuinely friendly and accommodating people I've ever had the pleasure of staying with, I can't wait to stay again.

The place, the staff and the yoga were amazing. The place was very quiet and green. The staff treated me very, very well. They gave me fresh juice three times a day.

They take us on a tour, each with a private driver who is very patient and is waiting for us everywhere. An incredible experience, a very professional staff, excellent massages, facials and scrubs, and the food is sensational, along with very experienced and knowledgeable yoga teachers. I will be back and highly recommend it. I like the warmth of the staff, I felt like family.

They took great care of me and welcomed me. All the staff are friendly and sweet, even some can't speak English, and they adapted to our needs and gastronomic preferences. We also met international friends and talked a lot. This retreat is the perfect place to enjoy authentic Bali, away from tourist areas.

The yoga and activities in the village were great and the local people made us feel very welcome. The villas were basic but comfortable and the food was of high quality. The location was a breath of fresh air, literally. They gave me the best massage I've ever received and the staff was very friendly.

The room suited my needs and the bed was comfortable. The Bali Green Retreat in Tabanan is an authentic Balinese experience. The hosts, Ketut and Heny, are charming and welcoming, as are all the staff, who help create a very special and enriching experience. Yoga was amazing and made me feel stronger physically and spiritually.

The massage therapists were great and some of the best I've ever experienced on this trip to Bali. The cultural and local tours and experiences were varied and surprising. I had a wonderful time and regretted saying goodbye. Petit, Heny, Komang, Sudi, Marta, Lolo, Anom, Wyan Bud I and Gede Budi made me feel part of the family from the moment I arrived.

They did everything possible to make sure that I was comfortable and that all my needs were met. The environment of both the accommodation in Bali Green and the yoga studio in Bali Trees was beautiful and very quiet. I loved that it was a small family business, working with local people from neighboring communities. Above all, it was totally unique.

It had an absolutely Balinese base, from the people who ran it to yoga, food and all the cultural activities. It gave me a unique opportunity to connect with the Balinese and take a look at their way of life. This is refreshing and often hard to find, especially at retreats. So it was a great combination of yoga, relaxation and culture.

Most importantly, my hosts, the charming Ketut Suardanaya, his wife Henny and family, were wonderfully welcoming, helpful and friendly. No request was too much for them and they did everything possible to make us feel welcome, happy and relaxed. The accommodation is newly built and clean. The host is friendly and truly cares about your well-being.

Dear Bali GREEN Retreat team, I really enjoyed your program, especially the massages, the always good taste of the food, the authenticity of the people and Buddy's interesting explanation about plants, rice fields, harvesting and life in the community. Thanks to everyone and best regards Karin The staff was very friendly. You had a lot to do and the days flew by. Yoga itself is a little different, since it's more traditional.

There aren't many flows and it's the same thing every day. Which helps you improve, but it can get a little boring after a few days. I would definitely recommend going there if you want peace and quiet, but only for a few days. All modes of transport are available.

You have the luxury of high-end accommodation with organized transportation to the city of Ubud. You'll visit some of the most beautiful waterfalls and beaches in the world and enjoy a break in the company of a conscious community. Diala and Aaliya will take you on a metaphysical journey through the traditional mythological teachings of yoga through storytelling throughout their classes. Discover, through spiritual archetypes, where your own blocks may be, so that you can enlighten yourself and rise to your highest self.

If you're looking for an adventure, you can book a horseback ride or a day trip to the ocean for snorkeling or surfing. Vegetarian or vegan food is great, and this retreat is the perfect opportunity to fall in love with yoga while immersing yourself in an environment that will change your perspective. Stay in a quiet bungalow next to the pool and try yoga classes in a variety of styles, such as Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin and deep relaxation with Nidra yoga. Nova Yoga is fortunate to collaborate with the world-renowned retreat center, Soul Shine, in the heart of Bali, Indonesia.

This tranquil yoga retreat in Ubud focuses on rejuvenation and pampering, and is located in the exotic gardens of the Adiwana Resort. The Bali yoga school is located in Ubud (the heart of Bali), a very quiet place with a homely feel, a 10-minute walk from the Ubud Market, cafes, temples, waterfalls and the beach are close to the school. As one of the most popular retreat centers in Southeast Asia, they offer yoga, Balinese culture, spa, wellness, detoxification, and romantic retreats and vacations for couples. This short and sweet yoga retreat for beginners at the H2O Yoga and Meditation Center in Bali will give you a beautiful introduction to the practice of yoga and the yogic lifestyle on the island of Gili Air, just a boat ride from Bali.

A healing retreat in Bali can be a profound experience, as you'll discover powerful practices in an inspiring environment. The yoga classes were held a ten-minute walk from the Bali Green apartment, however, if you don't want to walk, the hosts will do their best to ensure that you have an elevator to and from the venue. Located in the amazingly beautiful and tranquil environment of Ubud, Bali, this incredible tropical paradise invites you to absorb the rich culture, nature and magic that Bali has to offer, while allowing the profound awakening of yoga to unfold inside. This luxurious yoga retreat offers a complete wellness experience surrounded by tropical greenery, this eco-conscious wellness retreat simply brims with peace and relaxation.

Although yoga and meditation retreats are held in Bali all year round, the best time to go is between April and September, when the weather is dry. I think you can come up with a lot of great ideas while you're relaxing on a yoga retreat for a week in Bali. .

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