Is it possible to extend my stay at a book yoga retreat in bali?

Everything is included, but everything is optional. Experience the magic of Bali, relax, revive and renew yourself while sharing with like-minded women in a supportive environment. Renew You Retreats offers you the perfect opportunity to take a well-deserved break in the land of the gods. They have prepared everything to satisfy your energy, mood and desires, from perfect accommodation, delicious food, unlimited yoga classes, surfing, beauty spa, massages and healing sessions.

Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to stroll around the Island of the Gods, go from temple to temple, surf, hike and party. Spend eight days and seven nights in Bali and enjoy the highlights of Ubud, Canggu and Uluwatu. I think you can come up with a lot of great ideas while you're relaxing on a yoga retreat for a week in Bali. This exclusive yoga retreat in Canggu is all about culture and community (with daily yoga and meditation, of course).

The yoga experts, Ayurvedic doctors and dieticians who are here will make this the best yoga experience you've ever had. Therefore, Bali has a rich history of yoga and Balinese culture is known for its appreciation for combining spiritual life with nature. On this trip, you'll travel with the founder of Wander Women Retreats, Alexandra Baackes, as a host and yoga instructor. It doesn't matter if you want to enjoy a yoga vacation for singles, or go with your friends, partner or family, Como Shambhala is a good option to combine a vacation in Bali with yoga, wellness and Ayurveda.

Not only is this eco-friendly luxury retreat generous enough to give yoga classes, conferences and performances, but it also has impressive rooms and a pool in an inspiring environment, making it one of the “best places in Asia to practice yoga”. A limited range of beers, wines and spirits can be purchased at the villa at reasonable sales prices in Bali or Renew You Retreats can also find what you prefer before your arrival. This is an excellent yoga retreat in Bali for beginners who want to start their wellness practice and detoxify their bodies. This tranquil yoga retreat in Ubud focuses on rejuvenation and pampering, located in the exotic gardens of the Adiwana Resort.

If you're looking to book your yoga retreat, you'll want to search and compare several retreats and know that they're all legal. At the Pelan Bali surf and yoga retreat, you can combine total tranquility with a wide selection of activities, such as surfing, yoga, meditation and relaxing massages. In addition, Bali is an ideal place to easily combine yoga with surfing and other outdoor activities, as well as with shopping opportunities and beautiful cafes that serve incredible and healthy food.

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