Is it possible to customize my experience at a book yoga retreat in bali?

Lederle explains that no yoga retreat is simply yoga; in fact, yoga plays a secondary role in a yoga retreat. If you are going to do a yoga retreat in Bali, the most affordable option is to stay at home, which is a very common type of accommodation in Ubud. Katie Shim, a yoga instructor who teaches at Kind Yoga by Heart, believes that everyone will get something different from a yoga retreat and that it depends on the person. Balitrees specializes in a local style of yoga (Wakuturu yoga) that combines Pencak Silat, a martial arts discipline from Indonesia, and several asanas commonly found in other styles of yoga.

For me, being on a yoga retreat in Bali was also about well-being and about being able to eat and do whatever I wanted without having to think about saving. Once the session began, it became clear to me how this style of yoga differs from other styles that are commonly practiced, such as Hatha or Yin Yoga. However, yoga retreats, even in Bali or Thailand, can be very expensive, due to the idea that yoga is overmarketed. The retreats are intense, but what makes them special is being able to experience the eight branches of yoga in a short time without any distractions.

This style is typical of Bali and it turns out that the owner, Adiwiguna I Gede, is an avid practitioner of Wakuturu yoga and Pencak Silat. This is how I've always imagined a morning at a yoga retreat, and like many people, I've often dreamt of going to one. Without distractions, time on a yoga retreat is usually spent on the mat, but also on participating in group experiences and other activities that facilitate reflection trips. Being on a yoga retreat planted a seed in me to be more aware of the other options that exist in life and of the things I can pursue.

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