Is it possible to arrange private transportation during my stay at the book yoga retreat in bali?

We will arrange for your transfer to the retreat the next day around noon. Our private yoga retreat oasis is tucked away in the elegant Bali playground of. If you arrive late at night (or after 12 noon), we will continue to organize your pick up at the airport. Alternatively, if your travel dates are flexible, we recommend arriving the night before and staying at any of the hotels in the Seminyak area.

This way, you won't miss the activities of the first day. This program is for you if you are new to yoga or have some experience and want to learn yoga intensively but in a retreat environment. Balireal Retreats offers an authentic taste of Bali, nestled in a quiet traditional village and the main retreat area (yoga, other activities, gastronomic area) is surrounded by the rice fields of the town of Sesandan Megati. If you are arriving the day before the retreat begins, you will need to book accommodation before the retreat.

All Balireal Retreats accommodations, whether of the type of family home or guest house, are separated from the retreat center (yoga, activities, dining area). He is committed to conserving the ancient Balinese tradition of yoga, meditation and silat by founding Balireal Retreats. If each retreat lasts 7 days, you will have time to interact with the other goddesses who are at the retreat with you, which creates close ties with the people who have shared the experience. This program is also for those who think that I am too old to learn yoga or that I am not flexible enough or that I am physically fit to perform yoga poses.

Outstanding and established yoga teachers in the global yoga community with a large number of followers in the world of yoga teaching, who have become a recognized name in holistic health and spirituality.

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