Are there any additional costs associated with arranging transportation from the airport to the book yoga retreat in bali?

Transfer from the airport is available for an additional cost of IDR 300000. We offer complimentary transfers for retreats from the Novotel Airport hotel and hotels in the Seminyak and Canggu area. If you want to come to the retreat on your own, we'll provide you with a map and detailed instructions for getting to the retreat. If you are in an area outside of Seminyak, we can still arrange transfers, although there may be an additional cost.

Join Claire Stetina and the Bellingham Yoga Collective for an adventure in Bali. This yoga retreat spans 8 days and two locations. Arrive in Ubud, Asia's wellness center, to stay at an Ayurvedic wellness center and spa for 4 days and explore Bali's unique culture and traditions. Next, we'll travel as a group to the rural coast of North Bali to relax on the beach and explore the jungle.

Group transportation from the north coast of Bali to Denpasar Airport on October 25th. It's easy to underestimate the distances in Bali. The journey from the airport to the westernmost point of the island (Gilimanuk) is likely to take four hours, longer at peak times, even though it is less than 140 km (87 miles) away. Potholes and extremely narrow lanes are only part of the problem, and the large number of motorcycles means that you're perpetually driving in a buzzing swarm.

The key to driving safely in Bali is to go slowly and calmly and “telegraph” every maneuver as soon as possible. Last-minute turns can cause disaster. While mopeds with manual gearboxes are still widely used, most rental scooters tend to be automatic scooters that are easy to drive. However, the busy highways in the south and center of Bali are far from ideal places for inexperienced drivers to hone their skills.

Overconfidence on the part of a tourist is often paid for with scratches and scars, and sometimes with worse things. It is best to wear protective clothing and a helmet. If each retreat lasts 7 days, you will have time to interact with the other goddesses who are at the retreat with you, which creates close ties with the people who have shared the experience. We strongly recommend that you refrain from consuming alcohol during your retreat so that you can get as many benefits as possible and do not allow alcohol to enter the retreat center.

When you arrive in Bali, your friendly driver will greet you at the airport terminal with an Exhale Yoga Retreats sign and you'll be on your way to Dreamsea. Located in the stunning and tranquil environment of Ubud, Bali, this incredible tropical paradise invites you to absorb the rich culture, nature and magic that Bali has to offer, while allowing yoga to awaken deep within you. Each retreat package includes a delicious vegan breakfast and dinner every day of the retreat, with the exception of the day of arrival and the day of departure. If you're looking for a stress-free vacation in a loving, fun, caring and compassionate community with inspiring yoga teachers who guide you in an intimate setting, this retreat is a rare gem of inner peace, promising to renew, restore and rejuvenate you from the depths of your being.

Everything was fantastic, from the villa environment to the wonderful staff, the price of the retreat package, the yoga instructors and the other guests. The Bliss 7-Day Yoga Retreat is the perfect choice if you're ready to deepen your practice while enjoying the stunning beauty of Bali.

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