Are there any additional costs associated with arranging private transportation during my stay at the book yoga retreat in bali?

We include the shared shuttle service if you arrive at DPS Airport between 12:00 and 15:00 on March 24.We'll collect your flight details so we can set it up as shared. We offer complimentary transfers for retreats from the Novotel Airport hotel and hotels in the Seminyak and Canggu area. If you want to come to the retreat on your own, we'll provide you with a map and detailed instructions for getting to the retreat. If you are in an area outside of Seminyak, we can still arrange transfers, although there may be an additional cost.

Join Claire Stetina and the Bellingham Yoga Collective on an adventure in Bali. This yoga retreat spans 8 days and two locations. Arrive in Ubud, Asia's wellness center, to stay at an Ayurvedic wellness center and spa for 4 days and explore Bali's unique culture and traditions. Next, we'll travel as a group to the rural coast of North Bali to relax on the beach and explore the jungle.

Guest house accommodation located in the retreat center, where most activity retreats, yoga, meditation and dining are held. Later, he also obtained Yin Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga certification and has been teaching in Europe, Asia and Russia. If you are arriving the day before the retreat begins, you will need to book accommodation before the retreat. His yoga journey began 10 years ago in Portugal, where he lived in an ashram and practiced Kundalini Yoga.

Bali Real Retreats serves guests in a family and village environment, welcoming them to be part of their family and, at the same time, to be part of the community of the town of Sesandan. He loves teaching, and by teaching yoga, he can guide and help others on their yoga journey and make yoga a part of their daily lives. Bali Real Retreats offers an authentic taste of Bali, nestled in a quiet traditional village and the main retreat area (yoga, other activities, restaurant area) is surrounded by the rice fields of the town of Sesandan Megati. He dedicates his life to the conservation and teaching of Balinese Watukaru Yoga and has developed his own yoga therapy system specially designed to increase immunity and heal the body in a holistic way.

Having the Watukaru Balinese style of yoga and meditation twice a day promotes the ancient traditions of Balinese yoga. A friend first introduced her to yoga, telling her that yoga can heal the mind and make the body stronger and healthier. If each retreat lasts 7 days, you will have time to interact with the other goddesses who are at the retreat with you, which creates close ties with the people who have shared the experience.

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