Are there any additional activities offered at a book yoga retreat in bali?

Surfing, cycling and hiking are other optional activities. A week of warm waves and expert instructions. If you are looking for a spiritual and serene environment for your daily practice, then this 7-day yoga retreat in Indonesia is an excellent option. Balireal Retreats offers an authentic taste of Bali, nestled in a quiet traditional village and the main retreat area (yoga, other activities, gastronomic area) is surrounded by the rice fields of the town of Sesandan Megati.

This yoga and surf retreat in Bali with Pelan Pelan is the right choice for you if you want to do yoga, learn about Balinese culture and catch waves on nearby beaches. He is committed to conserving the ancient Balinese tradition of yoga, meditation and silat by founding Balireal Retreats. The goal of The Palm Tree House Experience is to give you maximum freedom and flexibility to enjoy your Bali retreat vacation, however you want to enjoy it. This 5-day wellness retreat includes lots of traditional culture, as well as ancient yoga practices in a sanctuary dedicated to healing.

Located in a quiet sanctuary near Mount Watukaru, this is one of the most popular spiritual retreats in Bali. Suitable for all skill levels, this yoga retreat on the beach is a great option to learn how to surf and, at the same time, practice yoga and get rid of all the daily stress. Some yoga retreats will take you on trips around the island, while others will offer additional activities for an additional cost. All Balireal Retreats accommodations, whether of the type of family home or guest house, are separated from the retreat center (yoga, activities, dining area).

This retreat is designed for beginners and is a great way to really learn everything there is to know about yoga. This luxurious yoga retreat includes no less than 13 spa treatments, trips to places such as hot springs and ancient temples, and dolphin sailing at dawn. We have more than a decade of experience planning luxurious wellness retreats and have hosted more than 6000 women on retreat in Bali. Rest assured that you have the attention of an expert.

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